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16th British Open competition in Oxford, April 2004

Toby Wragg gold medalist in pushing hands & fixed feet pushing hands and Robert Lambert silver medalist in moving step pushing steps.

Rob Lambert, Toby Wragg, Martin Clifton, Ben Wragg, Marcos Patchett

WTTCA Results at the British Open Tai Chi Championship 2003

Internal Form
Peggy Karsenti - Gold

Open Internal Hand Form
Zarica - Silver

Mens Fixed Step Push Hands
Toby Wragg - Gold
Jae Willis - Silver
Steve Wright - Silver
Alex Chu - Bronze
Mens Moving Step Push Hands
Jae Willis - Gold
Toby Wragg - Silver

Women's Fixed Step Push Hands
Peggy Karsenti - Silver
Suzie Collins - Bronze

Open Broadsword Form
Steve Wright - Bronze

14th British Open Tai Chi Chuan Championships Report, April 2002

On Sunday, April 7, 2002, the 14th British Open Tai Chi Chuan Championships were held in Oxford and the Wu Academy Team had a very successful, not to mention enjoyable, day.

In all, the team came home with seven medals; one Gold, five Silver and a Bronze.

With team consisting of Jae Willis, Toby Wragg, Pete Carey, Steve Wright, Eike Sindlinger, Andrew Jones, Zorica Rajic, Faisal Mian, Roy Constantine, David Mighall and Warren Gavin, as well as an excellent turnout of academy members, from London and Oxford, and friends to cheer them on the Championships this year had a great buzz.

From left to right: Jae in his gold medal performance, Andrew (left) in the Mens restricted step, Toby in the sabre form, Pete (right) on his way to Silver in the Mens Moving Step, Toby (left) also about to win Silver in the Mens Moving Step.
Click on the pictures for a larger image.

The team have been putting in extra work, and giving up many nights, to perfect the new Competition Form that was brought to the academy by Sifu Wu Kwong Yu at his last visit, and their hard graft was rewarded with some fantastic performances in the various forms competition levels, Senior, Intermediate and, all by himself, from Faisal in the Beginners.

An excellent performance from Jae secured Gold in the Mens Open Tai Chi Hand Form, and he followed up with Silver in the Mens Open Sabre. In the same competition Toby took the bronze with a powerful Sabre display.

Toby (left) in the Mens Restricted Step, Warren in the Mens Open Hand Form, Toby again in the Sabre form, Dave (right) in the Mens Restricted Step, Andy in the Mens Open Hand Form.

By far the busiest of the competition team, Toby went on to take two more Silvers; in the Mens 65kg Moving Step and Mens 65 Kg Restricted Step pushing hands competitions.

Peter Careys push hands practice was rewarded with another two Silvers to add to his collection after great performances in the Mens 71Kg Moving Step and Restricted Step competitions.

Medals aside, the day itself was a great experience for competitors and spectators alike. Being able to see so many other styles was a great education for all.

Sifu and the team would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all the academy members and friends who took the time to come and cheer the team on.

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