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Issues of Slant Flying, the academy newsletter, are available in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF viewer you can download one.

Autumn 2013     [6.4 Mb]
   Portugal, Our Best Selves, Autumn residential, sixth London competition, Empty Mind, Teaching, Thinking With the Heart.

Autumn 2009     [11.4 Mb]
   Closed door ceremony, Chun Yi review, Autumn residential, European championships, Intensives, second London competition, Chi Kung and Tai Chi in Germany.

Autumn 2008     [14.2 Mb]
   Christmas 2007, Somerset 2008, Judges Seminars, inaugural London competition.

December 2007     [7.4 Mb]
   Tradition and Renewal, Better Than Pills: 40 Years of Heel Pain, Grimstone 2007, Tai Chi for Mothers with Babies and Small Children, Judges Seminars.

June 2007     [4.8 Mb]
   Christmas Banquet, Judges Seminar, Gathering of Masters, China Visit, National Tai Chi Day, Grimstone 2006, TCUGB Festival of Chinese Internal Arts.

January 2006     [1.7 Mb]
   Academy opening in Bethnal Green, Competitions in 2005, Judges Seminar, Wu Tai Hsin (1933-2005), Senior Beginnings, Ministry of Sounds.

January 2005     [11.1 Mb]
   2004 Instructor certification (by Sifu Wu Kwong Yu), Tournament in St Petersburg, Ben Wragg in Toronto, Grimstone 2004.

October 2003     [5.8 Mb]
   Tai Chi with Tami in New York, That Sticking Business - A Chemist's Connections, A Barefoot Goes Man, Juggling with Five Elements, Shaolin Poem, On the Wu Style.

June 2003     [6.3 Mb]
   Isle of Man workshops, Si-Kung Wu Kwong Yu visit, Glastonbury Kids Group, Supporting your Partner, British Open Championships.

October 2002     [1.2 Mb]
    Grimstone 2002, Isle of Man workshops, Tai Chi Chuan and Joint pain, First Oxfordshire gradings.

May 2002     [8 Mb]
   Ben Wragg profile, British Open, UK festival of Chinese Arts, Isle of Man workshop with Don Spargo, Knife Defense intensive.

February 2002     [3.8 Mb]
   Interview with Senior Instructor Don Spargo, Intensive reports, Tai Chi Healing aspects.

September 2001     [3.3 Mb]
    Toby Wragg in Toronto, Sensing Tai Chi Chuans Depth, Grimstone 2001 reports, Annex news.

May 2001     [3.3 Mb]
   2001 Discipleship Ceremony, Sifu Wu Kwong Yu's Visit, Sifu Gary Wragg visit to the Isle of Man.

December 2000     [2.9 Mb]
   Introduction, Dragon Day Festival, Grimstone 2000, British Open, Annex News, Tai Chi and Day Care.

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