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Gradings take place regularly to ensure you are developing well.

These are not brutal examinations but friendly, relaxed assessments which help you to progress properly.


Sash Grade Requirement Development
None Beginner   Mechanical order
Red Beginner Complete 50% of beginner syllabus
Yellow Intermediate Complete 100% of beginner syllabus Continuity of movement
White Intermediate Complete 50% of intermediate syllabus
Blue Advanced Complete 100% of intermediate syllabus Mind development & control
Orange Advanced Complete 50% of advanced syllabus
Green Senior Complete 100% of advanced syllabus Chi development & control
Black Senior Complete 50% of senior syllabus
Purple Senior Complete 100% of senior syllabus
Gold Sifu Complete 100% of level 5 syllabus Spiritual level


Grading Date Name Grade
December 2020 Milo Astaire Red
October 2020 Marco Wilson White
October 2020 Finn Kjaergaard Yellow
October 2020 Ross Overton-Farnham Yellow
June 2020 Alexey Simonov Yellow
June 2020 Nebil Kriedi Yellow
March 2020 KyungRan Ko Blue
March 2020 Sue Parkhill White
February 2020 Karen Dabrowska White
October 2019 Garry Minto Yellow
October 2019 Alexey Simonov Red
October 2019 Delia Wood Red
May 2019 Frances Lawlor Yellow
May 2019 Louise Yip Yellow
May 2019 Nicola Castle Yellow
May 2019 Kateryna Maksymova Red
May 2019 Nebil Kriedi Red
March 2019 Marco Wilson Yellow
December 2018 Finn Kjaergaard Red
December 2018 Garry Minto Red
December 2018 Nicola Castle Red
December 2018 Ross Overton-Farnham Red
September 2018Marco Wilson Red
September 2018Susanne Brecker Red
September 2018Vincent Tsang Red
May 2018 Neil Burbage Yellow
April 2018 Mike Ho Blue
April 2018 Kai Volke Yellow
April 2018 Sue Parkhill Yellow
December 2017 Dick McCaw Orange
December 2017 Grzegorz Janikowski Orange
November 2017 Gregory Zaets Yellow
November 2017 William Daniels Yellow
November 2017 Kai Volke Red
November 2017 Louise Yip Red
November 2017 Neil Burbage Red
November 2017 Sue Parkhill Red
June 2017 Gregory Zaets Red
April 2017 Frances Lawlor Red
February 2017 William Daniels Red
December 2016 Marco Alessi Yellow
December 2016 Peter Collins Yellow
December 2016 Alessandra GambardellaRed
July 2016 Gustavo Vasquez Yellow
July 2016 Marco Alessi Red
June 2016 Mariya Starin Yellow
April 2016 Giovanni Emili Yellow
April 2016 Nicola Vargiu Yellow
February 2016 Jason Pratt Blue
February 2016 Mike Ho White
January 2016 Dick McCaw Blue
January 2016 Grzegorz Janukowski Blue
December 2015 Gustavo Vasquez Red
December 2015 Nicola Vargiu Red
December 2015 Peter Collins Red
October 2015 Alex McClintock Yellow
October 2015 Mariya Starin Red
December 2014 Jono Podmore Orange
December 2014 Piers Wallace Orange
December 2014 Samuel Leon Orange
December 2014 Timea Eathorne Orange
December 2014 Anna Jhaviera Red
November 2014 Davide D'Alto White
November 2014 Dick McCaw White
November 2014 Grzegorz Janukowski White
November 2014 Jason Pratt White
November 2014 Valentina Picchi White
November 2014 Amory Leader Yellow
November 2014 Clive Kellermann Yellow
November 2014 Lambro Anastasiou Yellow
November 2014 Mariusz Papis Yellow
November 2014 Serena Lee Yellow
November 2014 Alex McClintock Red
November 2014 Giovanni Emili Red
November 2014 Lambro Anastasiou Red
October 2014 Terry Woodford Yellow
September 2014Amory Leader Red
September 2014Clive Kellermann Red
September 2014Mariuscz Papis Red
September 2014Serena Lee Red
June 2014 Grant Allen Yellow
June 2014 Jacob Stringer Yellow
May 2014 Lara Podmore White
May 2014 Gabrielle PrascevicieneYellow
May 2014 Otis Leon Yellow
May 2014 Elvis Wallace Red
May 2014 Georgie Wallace Red
May 2014 Terry Woodford Red
April 2014 Andrew Ballance Yellow
April 2014 Karen Dabrowski Yellow
April 2014 Grant Allen Red
March 2014 Andrew Ballance Red
March 2014 Jacob Stringer Red
November 2013 Grzegorz Janikowski Yellow
November 2013 Valentina Picchi Yellow
November 2013 Karen Dabrowski Red
November 2013 Phillipe Blaudeau Red
October 2013 Grzegorz Janukowski Red
October 2013 Valentina Picchi Red
May 2013 Davide D'Alto Yellow
May 2013 Dominic Morris Yellow
May 2013 Mark Spencer Yellow
April 2013 Michael Ho Yellow
April 2013 Orit Gal Yellow
April 2013 Davide D'Alto Red
April 2013 Joe Kane Red
April 2013 Mark Spencer Red
February 2013 Michael Ho Red
November 2012 Lara Podmore Yellow
November 2012 Robert Wymer Yellow
November 2012 Gabrielle PrascevicieneRed
November 2012 Mark Reeve Red
November 2012 Otis Leon Red
October 2012 Andy Salt Green
October 2012 David Muller Green
October 2012 Fiona Anderson Green
October 2012 Luke Deefholts Green
October 2012 Mike Selby Green
October 2012 Nicole Lomas Green
October 2012 Richard Davies Green
October 2012 Stefanie Sachsenmaier Green
September 2012Everton Green Blue
September 2012Jono Podmore Blue
September 2012Piers Wallace Blue
September 2012Samuel Leon Blue
September 2012Timea Eathorne Blue
September 2012Benoit Audureau White
September 2012KyungRan Ko White
September 2012Dominic Morris Red
September 2012Robert Wymer Red
July 2012 Gary Chennis Yellow
July 2012 Jean-Philippe DrécourtYellow
June 2012 Orit Gal Red
June 2012 Kate Farrow Red
June 2012 Robert Bryce Red
May 2012 Sofiane Ouaret Yellow
May 2012 Gary Chennis Red
May 2012 Jean-Philippe DrécourtRed
March 2012 Jeff Ho Yellow
March 2012 Sofiane Ouaret Red
December 2011 Iain Barker Yellow
December 2011 John Quinn Yellow
December 2011 Tom Whitehead Yellow
September 2011Roger Bowles Yellow
September 2011John Quinn Red
September 2011Tom Whitehead Red
July 2011 Doug Mckenzie Yellow
July 2011 Jason Pratt Yellow
July 2011 Iain Barker Red
May 2011 Lara Podmore Red
March 2011 Nora Ibrahimova Yellow
March 2011 Doug Mckenzie Red
March 2011 Jason Pratt Red
March 2011 Matteo Garcia Red
December 2010 Nora Ibrahimova Red
November 2010 Benoit Audureau Yellow
November 2010 Jono Podmore White
August 2010 Everton Green White
August 2010 Samuel Leon White
August 2010 Piers Wallace White
August 2010 Richard Graveling White
August 2010 Timea Peresztegi White
July 2010 James Lake Yellow
July 2010 KyungRan Ko Yellow
April 2010 KyungRan Ko Red
March 2010 Benoit Audureau Red
February 2010 Jono Podmore Yellow
February 2010 Timea Peresztegi Yellow
February 2010 James Lake Red
December 2009 Isabel Lilly Red
December 2009 Timea Peresztegi Red
November 2009 Jono Podmore Red
October 2009 Fiona Anderson Orange
October 2009 Piers Wallace Yellow
October 2009 Roger Bowles Red
September 2009Anil Chopra Yellow
July 2009 Xueping Chen Red
June 2009 Andy Henry Green
June 2009 Anthony Stadlen Green
June 2009 Mirilee Pearl Green
June 2009 Shezad Dawood Green
June 2009 Stroud Cornock Green
June 2009 Andy Salt Orange
June 2009 David Muller Orange
June 2009 Mike Selby Orange
June 2009 Samuel Leon Yellow
March 2009 Anil Chopra Red
March 2009 Samuel Leon Red
March 2009 Piers Wallace Red
February 2009 Luke Deefholts Orange
February 2009 Nicole Lomas Orange
February 2009 Peter Blake Orange
February 2009 Richard Davies Orange
February 2009 Stefanie Sachsenmaier Orange
September 2008Dick McCaw Yellow
September 2008Rory Fitzgerald Yellow
August 2008 David Lock Yellow
August 2008 Eddie Turner Yellow
August 2008 Everton Green Yellow
August 2008 Morton Iverson Yellow
August 2008 Richard Graveling Yellow
June 2008 Giannis Georgiou Yellow
June 2008 Dick McCaw Red
June 2008 Rory Fitzgerald Red
May 2008 Fiona Anderson Blue
April 2008 Giannis Georgiou Red
April 2008 Richard Graveling Red
March 2008 Eddie Turner Red
March 2008 Everton Green Red
December 2007 Justin Lock Yellow
December 2007 David Lock Red
November 2007 Andy Salt Blue
November 2007 Luke Deefholts Blue
November 2007 Mike Selby Blue
November 2007 Nicole Lomas Blue
November 2007 Richard Davies Blue
November 2007 Stefanie Sachsenmaier Blue
November 2007 Fiona Anderson White
November 2007 Anu Jain Yellow
November 2007 Justin Lock Red
August 2007 Leon Clarke Blue
August 2007 Mary Smith Blue
August 2007 Naomi Stadlen Blue
August 2007 Andy Salt White
August 2007 Luke Deefholts White
August 2007 Mike Selby White
August 2007 Nicole Lomas White
August 2007 Richard Davies White
August 2007 Stefanie Sachsenmaier White
August 2007 Anu Jain Red
August 2007 Francesca Maresca Red
June 2007 Doug Fishbone Yellow
June 2007 Gillian Samuel Yellow
June 2007 Natasha Block Red
May 2007 Gillian Samuel Red
May 2007 Thierry Chojnacki Red
December 2006 Ben Wragg Green
December 2006 Anthony Stadlen Orange
December 2006 Mirilee Pearl Orange
December 2006 Stroud Cornock Orange
December 2006 Martin Clifton Orange
December 2006 John Woelhardt Orange
December 2006 Shez Dawood Orange
December 2006 Vicki Arbuckle Orange
December 2006 Sava Savia Orange
December 2006 Karen Martin Orange
December 2006 Fiona Anderson Yellow
December 2006 Kei Ito Yellow
December 2006 Caroline Martin Yellow
December 2006 Doug Fishbone Red
October 2006 David Muller Blue
October 2006 Richard Davies Yellow
October 2006 Nicole Lomas Yellow
October 2006 Stefanie Sachsenmaier Yellow
September 2006Mike Selby Yellow
September 2006Fiona Anderson Red
September 2006Stefanie Sachsenmaier Red
August 2006 Nadia Ward Yellow
August 2006 Luke Deefholts Yellow
August 2006 Kei Ito Red
August 2006 Richard Davies Red
August 2006 Nicole Lomas Red
August 2006 Max de Vries Red
June 2006 Mike Selby Red
June 2006 Luke Deefholts Red
May 2006 Shaun Exworthy Yellow
January 2006 Nadia Ward Red
January 2006 Shaun Exworthy Red
January 2006 Andy Henry Blue
December 2005 Barry Wood Blue
December 2005 David Clement Davies Blue
December 2005 Andy Henry White
December 2005 Martin Hillson White
December 2005 Andy Salt Yellow
December 2005 Rosana La Porta Yellow
October 2005 Laurie Blundell Blue
October 2005 Stroud Cornock Blue
September 2005Andrew Jones Orange
September 2005Lee Cannon White
September 2005Simon Love White
July 2005 Katerina Kafaki Yellow
July 2005 Rosana La Porta Red
May 2005 Paul Ozin Yellow
May 2005 Katerina Kafaki Red
April 2005 Mark Clark Blue
April 2005 Peter Blake Blue
April 2005 Barry Wood White
April 2005 Jonathan Slater White
April 2005 Laurie Blundell White
April 2005 Mary Smith White
April 2005 Cam Branston-ArmstrongYellow
April 2005 Matt Foord Yellow
January 2005 Adam Bentley Blue
January 2005 Mirilee Pearl Blue
January 2005 Shez Dawood Blue
January 2005 Bernie Hamilton White
January 2005 David Clement Davies White
January 2005 David Muller White
January 2005 Leon Clarke White
January 2005 Stroud Cornock White
January 2005 Andy Henry Yellow
January 2005 Alan Vanstone Yellow
January 2005 Harry Tudor Red
January 2005 Leon Redler Red
November 2004 Linnett Lee Yellow
November 2004 Simon Love Yellow
November 2004 Andy Henry Red
November 2004 Cam Branston-ArmstrongRed
September 2004Anthony Stadlen Blue
September 2004Gueran Gerard Blue
September 2004Karen Martin Blue
September 2004Sava Savia Blue
September 2004Sophie Walshaw Blue
September 2004Vicki Arbuckle Blue
September 2004William Du Toit Blue
September 2004Ian Bellingham White
September 2004Jonathan Slater Yellow
September 2004Laurie Blundell Yellow
September 2004Lee Cannon Yellow
September 2004Richard Docksey Yellow
August 2004 Elaine Mercer Yellow
August 2004 Jamie Homore Yellow
August 2004 Martin Hillson Yellow
August 2004 Linnet Lee Red
August 2004 Matthew Foord Red
March 2004 Ash Sharma White
March 2004 Sanjay Sharma White
March 2004 Shezad Dawood White
March 2004 Barry Wood Yellow
March 2004 Daniel Sechan Yellow
March 2004 David Clement Davies Yellow
March 2004 Steve Jones Yellow
February 2004 Colin Russell Blue
February 2004 Marcos Patchett Blue
February 2004 Marcus Mander Blue
February 2004 Robert Lambert Blue
February 2004 Adam Bentley White
February 2004 Gueran Gerard White
February 2004 Karen Martin White
February 2004 David Muller Yellow
February 2004 Harinder Chima Yellow
February 2004 Patricia Deegan Yellow
February 2004 Barry Wood Red

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