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Intensive workshops for Wu style practitioners take place regularly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2.30PM to 5.30PM. They are taught by Sifu Gary Wragg.

Special all day intensives are labelled below. There are simultaneous morning classes on these days in the second studio.

Normal afternoon workshops are 25 for members and 30 for non members. Full day sessions are 35 for members and 40 for non members.

All bookings in advance. Please note that changes to the schedule are sometimes necessary.
Email: info@wustyle-europe.com

2020 Event Schedule

Levels : (B)eginner, (I)ntermediate, (A)dvanced, (S)enior, (O)pen to all styles

Month Date Topic B I A S O
January 11th Movement and Stillness  
January 18th Push Hands  
January 25th Locks    
February 1st Inner Circle    
February 8th Chi Kung  
February 15th Instructors training    
February 22nd Fa Jing and 8 Power Generation Techniques    
February 29th San Shou 6 and Kai Dang      
March 7th Sparring  
March 14th Instructors Training (Rooting)    
March 21st Competition Push Hands  
March 28th Spear 13 and 24      
April 4th Sword      
April 11th San Shou 0      
April 18th Disciples - Sabre 2      
April 25th Knife Defence  
May 14-18th Spring Residential Course in Dorset
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