Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy London
Tai Chi and Chi Kung for health, relaxation and self-defence

We are one of the few full-time Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung / Qi Gong Academies in Europe. Based in Bethnal Green, London, we offer daily classes from a full-range syllabus for beginners to advanced, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Beginners' flexible classes

You can start a beginners' flexible course at any time, mixing and matching any Tai Chi classes from the timetable.


The Academy participates in many activities. Check out the Gallery.

Training Tai Chi

The primary focus is on the 108 classical Wu family long form, incorporating basic exercises, meditation, pushing hands and self-defence.

Training Chi Kung

Chi Kung, also called Qigong, meaning Breath Work, trains mindful coordination of breathing with body movement resulting in a deep, refreshing and health-promoting experience.

The Academy is the European certification headquarters for Wu Family Style instructors.

Covid information

In line with the latest UK government guidelines, we have fully reopened indoor classes, whilst also continuing with Zoom sessions.

Those who join in-person training at the academy, we ask to please wash your hands upon arrival and use the disinfectant provided.

Please judge your engagement in various activities according to your own needs and priorities.

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Contact or find us:   Location and address  |  Email info@wustyle-europe.com  |  Telephone 020 7033 3993