Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy London


We offer gift vouchers, an ideal present to slip into a Christmas or Birthday card.

Your friend or family member can enjoy a 5 week introduction to Tai Chi or Chi Kung. Many people are intrigued to try these arts and find benefits in health, relaxation and de-stressing. Practice quickly gives benefits in balance and posture. Others are surprised by its relevance for fitness and self defence.

Wu's Academy has a flexible schedule at a permanent location and offers a very friendly environment in which to train and experience.


Vouchers may be redeemed any time within a year, for a flexible or group course and we are happy to post for no charge. They can even come if they lose the voucher, because the booking will be valid in their name.

Voucher example
Contact or find us:   Location and address  |  Email info@wustyle-europe.com  |  Telephone 020 7033 3993