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Data Privacy Policy

The Academy only collects personal data that is used for the purposes specified below. Personal data is only available to instructors and only for these purposes. Paper records are stored in a locked office.

Names are used to identify our members and students on short courses or seminars.

We use email as our primary means of communication with members about our services, Academy events and alterations to the timetable. Email address are not shared with other organisations.

For students on a short course, email use is limited to communication regarding the course and a single email on completion of a course.

For seminar attendees, email use is limited to communication regarding the seminar and a single email offering opt-in to learn about future seminars.

Telephone numbers are rarely used, but sometimes required for co-ordination on events or to check on a memberís wellbeing.

The enrolment form includes questions regarding other exercise, martial arts experience and medical history (that may affect your training at the Academy). This is used solely by instructors to tailor your experience if necessary and ensure health and safety.

Each member receives a unique membership number, which is used to help identify our members, for example, when making bank payments or signing in.

We record payments of fees, as required to operate a business.

We record attendance in the sign-in ledger by the front door. This helps us understand who is coming to classes.

When grading to a new sash, grading notes are made and shared with the student. These are kept as part of the studentís training history. Grading results are public information, at Gradings.

Photograph and Video Policy

Photographs and videos are often taken at the Academy or at events such as competitions and residential courses. They may be used on the Academy website and in promotional material, for example, the website gallery and the Academy leaflet. They may also be displayed at the Academy, for example, in photo displays or video presentations at Academy celebrations. They are shared with participants, but remain property of the Academy and are an important part of the Academy history.

You may opt out of any public use of your image. In this case, it would be preferred if you let the photographer know you donít want your image included. This may occur, for example, when we are taking photos at residential courses. You may of course make a request to any instructor that your image not be displayed at any time.

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