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Tai Chi for mothers with babies & small children

The instructor, Naomi Stadlen, is the author of What Mothers Do - Especially When It Looks Like Nothing. She runs Mothers Talking, a weekly discussion group. Naomi is a Tai Chi Union for Great Britain certified instructor.

Here is a chance to come and enjoy the ancient art of Tai Chi with your baby or child. These five-week courses enable you to learn and practise the basic movements of Tai Chi and to explore how these could enhance your health and teach you how to defend yourself. No previous knowledge or fitness is necessary.

Classes teach how to 'Sung', or 'relax to sink the weight' and how to be single-weighted. These actions seem almost too simple but when they are done correctly can store great resources of energy which mothers need. Every movement encourages the body to stretch and breathe properly. They are simple and natural and can be taught while carrying a small baby, or with a toddler running around. Babies and toddlers are a welcome part of the class.

Classes are usually on Mondays 11AM-12.15PM. They cost �55 or �12.50 per class.

For booking and enquiries, please telephone Naomi Stadlen on 020 8888 6857.

'I first started Naomi's Tai Chi class when my daughter was two. I was very pleased to find a class that we could go to together. I continued coming all through my second pregnancy and found that the extra weight actually helped my sense of the transfer of weight from one side to the other. The movements and exercises are all very gentle, so suited to pregnancy. I turned out to be carrying an exceptionally large baby. During the birth, my midwife commented on how calm I was. I think this was down in part to feeling in touch with my body and having a connection between mind, movement and body, all of which Tai Chi enhances.'

- Sophie Cornford, mother of Bethan and Suzy

'For me, Tai Chi is emotional work disguised as physical work. I concentrate on the physical, but I know that the benefit is emotional. Mothering is the balancing of emotions, sharing the ups and downs of the lives of the children we love. When we practise Tai Chi, we are serious about it and this is good for them. We are feeding our inner energy and power to make us better mothers and I think our children know this.'

- Maria Andrews, mother of Molly and Danny

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