Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy London
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We are a primary full-time Academy, representing the Wu family in Europe. Sifu Gary Wragg is a disciple of Sifu Wu Kwong Yu and senior representative of the Wu Family in Europe.

This Academy has been in operation since 1989. Before that since 1983 it was the London Centre of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Sifu Gary Wragg is a founder member of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

In 2014 the Academy celebrates its 25th year and has developed an international reputation for its high standard of Tai Chi Chuan in this time.

Under Sifu Gary Wragg, one of the main aims of the academy is to adhere to the teachings of the Wu family and thus provide the most authentic Tai Chi Chuan syllabus possible. Hand forms, self-defence applications, weapons training, meditation, Chi Kung and instructor training are all part of the Tai Chi Chuan instruction we provide.

The Academy annually takes part in demonstrations and competitions, details of which can be found in the News section.

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